Acasă Security (EXCLUSIVE) iolo’s Massive 70% Off Independence Day Coupon!

(EXCLUSIVE) iolo’s Massive 70% Off Independence Day Coupon!


Celebrating Independence Day wasn’t common until after the War of 1812. By the 1870s, the Fourth of July was one of the most important nonreligious holidays in the US. It wasn’t until 1941 that it became a paid holiday for federal employees.

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What’s New in System Mechanic 22.5

(EXCLUSIVE) iolo's Massive 70% Off Independence Day Coupon!

System Mechanic has a fresh look and feel. Easily navigate, explore utilities and optimize with fewer clicks. 

We’ve now packaged all of System Mechanic’s utilities into five (5) clear categories.

1. (New) Easy-to-find Utilities
  • Performance
  • Password Manager
  • Privacy
  • Settings
  • AntiVirus

2. (New) Intuitive dropdowns

Keeping things tidy, each parent utility category presents a dropdown for easy access to added tools and features.

3. (New) Intuitive dropdowns

Keeping things tidy, each parent utility category presents a dropdown for easy access to added tools and features.

4. (New) Optimize with fewer clicks!

Many utilities can be quickly toggled on or off using the toggle button displayed within the utility window.

5. (New) Full feature visibility

Easily see which utilities are enabled or turned off from the navigation pane.

Additional new and enhanced features

Access Active Care in a flashActive Care now lives on the Performance Home pane giving you quick access to PC optimization. Quickly see your system’s status, last scan, issues, and custom recommendations.

Performance now includes Drive ScrubberThe Performance Toolbox now includes the secure data wiping tool, Driver Scrubber. Once on the Toolbox pane, you’ll see Drive Scrubber listed under File Management. Clicking on Drive Scrubber allows you to erase every byte of data from a drive from which Windows is not installed.

Performance now includes Search & RecoverAlso included within the Performance Toolbox is Search & Recover. Once on the Toolbox pane, you’ll see Search & Recover listed under File Management. Clicking on Search & Recover allows you to select locations such as hard drives and flash drives for accidentally deleted files and recover them to a new location.

Easy-to-understand Privacy Settings

Beyond simply toggling Privacy On or Off, you can now select from a list of pre-defined configurations:

  • Maximum (Most strict configuration)
  • Standard (Good balance of security and accessibility)
  • Minimal (Light protection)
  • Custom (Configure your preferences to meet your needs)

Selecting custom allows you to tailor your security to your specific needs.

Comprehensive protection with AntiVirusAntiVirus provides powerful, real-time protection against advanced attacks. Just one click thwarts threats and keeps your PC protected. AntiVirus also now includes Malware Killer and System Shield, allowing you to find and remove dangerous malware from already-infected computers and shielding you from future attacks.

ByePass is now Password Manager – Password Manager detects installed web browsers and shows which browsers you have installed the utility.

Anonymize your searches – Private Search can now be found using the quick link within the menu bar. Once clicked, your browser will open a private and encrypted search engine.

Easy-to-navigate Settings – Settings for all utilities can be found within the Settings pane and by using the corresponding drop-down.

Easily configure:

  • Tasks
  • Alerts
  • Updates
  • And more

Consolidated HistoryNow you can see all recent events in one, easy-to-find location. Within the Settings pane, select History from the drop-down menu and scroll through recent events to view more details and options.

The latest System Mechanic gives you more control over your PC’s performance with fewer steps and confusion.

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