Au fost lansate produsele de securitate Comodo 8 Final

Pe forumul Comodo a apărut anunțul cum că noua versiune Comodo Internet Security 8 Final este disponibilă pentru utilizatori.

Noutățile aduse noii versiuni le găsiți mai jos (EN):


Policy based automatic-sandboxing

  • Ability to create automatic sandboxing rule based on various parameters such as file reputation, file origin, file source etc.
  • New default auto-sandboxing policy which is fine-tuned to isolate risky unknown applications

Hardware virtualization support

  • When Intel VT-x or AMD SVM Virtualization extensions are available, Enhanced Protection Mode makes use of these technologies and CIS operates at hypervisor level

Extended Logging

  • CIS can now send security and configuration events to Windows Event Logs

New UI theme

  • “Flat Tile” theme with updated icons and colors for better look and feel

Viruscope Recognizer grid in ASE

  • List of registered recognizers
  • Possibility to manage each recognizer state, turn it ON and OFF



  • Viruscope is now enabled by default, monitors more activities and works on sandboxed applications as well as not sandboxed ones.
  • Viruscope performance is improved

User Interface

  • The advanced settings window has been redesigned to provide a better layout


We have addressed many issues reported by our users in this release. Here are a selected few

  • Enabling Viruscope causes file sharing violations
  • Killing certain malware can cause BSOD
  • Certain keyloggers can sniff keyboard while sandboxed as partially limited
  • Office 2013 documents downloaded from the Internet sometimes cannot be opened inside sandbox
  • Microsoft Outlook cannot receive email inside sandbox
  • Multiple issues exploited by malware to bypass certain protections
  • Firewall blocks fragmented UDP traffic even if this option is disabled
  • Incompatibility between Cisco Anyconnect Mobile VPN and COMODO Firewall

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